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Safety at work – Get help before assaults happen

In recent years, more incidents including aggression or threats towards employees have been reported across different industries. Assaults by stressed and aggressive customers pose a great threat to the workforce. Consequences of an assault such as anxiety or physical harm may leave employees unable to work for months after.

We provide companies, stores, public administrations and other institutions with our software and app. Especially employees with frequent customer contact and employees in single offices are often victims. Stiller Alarm helps them feel safe – with our duress alarm system enabling them to call for immediate help when they come across aggressive or violent shoppers, patients, clients.

Threats and even violence at the workplace may occur in many different forms. Stiller Alarm has made it its mission to approach this problem with appropriate measures. The Stiller Alarm software is set out to de-escalate difficult interactions with clients, visitors or colleagues. When an alert has been activated a silent notification is sent to colleagues in nearby offices or to building security which then steps in to help.

Alarm System

The Stiller Alarm alert system includes the stationary version for alerting via your PC/client workstation and the mobile app version for smartphones. Additional hardware such as different panic/ alarm buttons (e.g., Bluetooth button, USB button) and the alarm gateway connection (e.g., to fire alarm systems, security doors or telecommunication systems) is optional. We also offer customized de-escalation and security trainings for businesses/ administrations to help their employees react appropriately to threats and to feel safe at their workplace.

Stiller Alarm Stationary Select

The Stiller Alarm stationary alert software enables you to reach your colleagues in real time and unnoticed from your PC desktop or virtual desktop. Alarms can be adapted to the situation through the Alert Manager. 

Stiller Alarm mobile select

The Stiller Alarm Mobile App provides the same security as the stationary solution independent of a PC/client desk. Using your smartphone you can send alerts and get help quickly while on your way through the building, in meetingrooms and in field sales jobs or patient visits. There are two types of alarms available: the active and the passive alarm.

Stiller Alarm Alerting

Stiller Alarm - Alarm Alerting Steps

The following steps are shown in the graph on alerting with Stiller Alarm:


1. Triggering the silent alarm in an emergency situation via PC/client, alarm app or alarm button

2. Incoming alarm on PC/Client screens or app of pre-defined alarm recipients (alarm group 1)

3. Escalation of the alarm to group 2 if there are too few alarm recipients in group 1 or if the alarm is not acknowledged after a pre-defined time

4. Alarm confirmation by the alarm receiver(s) who are coming to help

5. Logging of all triggered alarms (name, device, time)

Stiller Alarm Consulting

If you are looking to improve your workplace security but are unsure about whether our stationary or mobile alerting solutions is the right fit for you we are happy to advise and assist you in finding the right solution for your needs. Once you decide on your solution, we will advise you in the process of integrating Stiller Alarm into your infrastructure environment (as well as VDI). If you are interested we also pass on the experiences of other customers with the use of Stiller Alarm so that you can get an accurate picture of the wide range of possible applications. See also: References

Individual adjustments by our development team: You have specific requirements? In order to optimally support your security needs we have a large development team for you available! Benefit of our strong background in alarm systems, virtual solutions and strong project management.

Stiller Alarm close to the customer: Our software and our de-escalation training is constantly improved by us. Our main partners are our customers. We rely on many years of experience with our software in a variety of industries. In addition to our customers wishes, current measures of federal and state governments as well as up to date studies are incorporated into our work.


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