Stiller Alarm‘s objective is to significantly increase the safety of employees at their workplaces. Our solution is applicable for a variety of different sectors. See below for the industries / sectors that we are currently providing with our software/app. 

Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Branchen - Öffentliche Verwaltung

Authorities and Public Administrations

Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Branchen - Gesundheitsbranche

Healthcare Sector

Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Branchen - Bildungseinrichtungen Hochschulen

Education Facilities

Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Branchen - Finanzsektor

Financial Institutions

Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Branchen - Immobilien

Real Estate Sector

Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Branchen - Versorger

Energy and Utilities

Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Branchen - Weitere

More Sectors

We provide companies, stores, public administrations and other institutions with our software and app. Especially employees with frequent customer contact feel safe with our alert system enabeling them to call for immediate help when they come across aggressive or violent shoppers, patients, clients.

In recent years, more incidents including aggression or threats towards employees have been reported. Assaults by stressed and aggressive customers pose a great threat to the workforce. Consequences of an assault such as anxiety may leave employees unable to work for months after.

Workplace violence occurs in many different forms and different locations. Stiller Alarm has made it its mission to approach these concerns with appropriate measures. The Stiller Alarm software is set out to de-escalate difficult interactions. When an alert has been activated a silent notification is sent to collegues in neighboring offices or building security which then steps in to help calm the situation.

The software Stiller Alarm allows to differentiate between different types of alarms such as a threat alert, fire notification or other. Especially those who work in a single office use the software to recieve the help they need in critical situations.

Alerts can be sent out via computer/client from your desk as well as from your smartphone app.


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