About Stiller Alarm

Stiller Alarm is a full-service provider for IT-supported security at the workplace. Our panic alarm software for PC/Client desktops and app for mobile phones enable employees to call for immediate help in case of a threat or a medical emergency.
Especially employees in private consultations and with frequent customer contact can come across aggressive, threatening or confrontational visitors, clients, or patients. Stiller Alarm allows for a discreet (silent) call for assistance without inflaming a tense situation.
Stiller Alarm Deutschland GmbH is based in Berlin and Potsdam, Germany. Since 2008, our product “Stiller Alarm” has become a market leader in the area of IT-supported security at the workplace. Our clients come from sectors such as public administration, housing, insurance, healthcare, retail, education, hospitality and others.

Product History

2019 – Extension of the consulting portfolio: security concepts

2018 – New version V6 with a new design

2017 – Cloud- and Linux connectivity

2016 – Internationalization, English version

2015 – New development Alarm Gateway

2014/15 – Launch of the mobile app

2014 – De-escalation training

2013 – Product redesign and development

2009 – Market entry Stiller Alarm

2008 – Development of the stationary solution for IT supported security


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