De-escalation Training

Stiller Alarm Deeskalationstraining Aggressiver Mann

Learn how to deal with aggressive people

Stiller Alarm Deeskalationstraining für Hochschulen Unternehmen Gesundheitsbranche

For companies, educational institutions and public authorities

Stiller Alarm Deeskalationstraining Sicherheit durch Alarmierung

For more safety in the workplace

Our de-escalation training is geared toward businesses, educational institutions & government agencies and is an important part of the Stiller Alarm security and alerting system.

For many of our customers’ employees frequent interactions with clients is part of their everyday work. These interactions can become threatening or critical and even escalate if a client is upset, desperate or aggressive. Situations like this are in turn very stressful situations for your employees. In our de-escalation trainings, employees learn to recognize potentially critical situations early and respective solutions to calm the them.

We offer tailored training modules (live and webinars) from which you may choose depending on your needs.

Currently only GERMAN de-escalation trainings are available. See our German de-escalation site.


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