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IT-based workplace security

The Stiller Alarm duress alarm mobile app offers security in your work environment even if you are not at your PC/client desk. In the event of a threat such as an escalating conversation with aggressive and potentially violent individuals in field sales or meeting rooms in your building you can use the app to send a call for help to your coworkers and security – immediately and unnoticeably to others. Within the app there are two types of alarms: active and passive alarm.

Technical requirements of the Stiller Alarm mobile app

The technical requirements of the Stiller Alarm app at a glance:

  • From Android version 5.0 or from iOS version 9.3.5 with Internet access

Optional – Allows location:

  • GSM, UMTS, Wifi, GPS or AGPS

Optional – Enables in-house location using iBeacon technology:

  • Support for Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart Ready)
  • From Android Version 5.0

Alerting via instant push notification with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

Stiller Alarm Phone Need Help Quick

Installation and use of the Stiller Alarm app

To use the Stiller Alarm App simply download the licensed app from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) to your smartphone and perform the installation. A user account is created and it has to be defined, which employees will be alerted in the event of an alarm and who can send an alert.

If an alarm is triggered the following information is available to the notified recipients:

    • Full Name
    • Phone (button for direct dial)
    • Location of alerting person (shown in Google Maps)
    • Time of alarm
    • Possibility to confirm

Thus, all important data is available at a glance and alarm recievers can react quickly! If the alarm-triggering employee is out of the office (for example, a customer appointment), call the person immediately and have the exact location shown on Google Maps. The alarm can be acknowledged / confirmed in the app by an employee, so that it becomes clear to other alarm recipients that someone is already on the way or assisting.

Alerting is either active or passive (pre-set time and location) – more

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Stiller Alarm Mobile Alerting App:

The features of the app

Stiller Alarm Mobile App Leistungsmerkmale
Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Standard Version Computer und Smartphone App
Stiller Alarm App - Für Ihre Sicherheit für unterwegs

The Stiller Alarm Mobile App provides peace of mind for staff on the go – away from their desks/ computers. The panic alarm app can be used separately without the stationary alerting solution (computer) and is especially relevant if you and your co-workers are predominantly in the field or in client appointments outside your office building.

The alarm recipients immediately receive a triggered active or passive alarm including all relevant information such as exact location. The confirmation function allows employees to indicate whether they have started the help-process.

Read more about active and passive alarm options here.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Alerting anytime, anywhere – in real time
  • Active and passive alerting
  • Automatic calculation of the shortest route to the alarming person
  • Built-in calendar function: work schedules and vacations are taken into account so that colleagues are not notified outside their working hours. Only those who are actually available to help receive the alarm.
  • Location of mobile devices in the building with iBeacons
  • Web-based administration including logging function of all mobile alarms
Stiller Alarm - Standard und App Bundlelösung

The bundle solution includes the Stiller Alarm Standard-Version (computer-based) and the Stiller Alarm App. This combination provides the most comprehensive security.

If office staff works from both PC / client workstations and on the go – e.g., in out-of-office appointments or on the way to the next meeting – this combination is ideal for sending duress alarms at any time necessary.

With the bundle solution it is possible for employees that are away from their computer to send an alarm to their colleagues in the office as well as other colleagues in the field. For more details about the stationary panic alarm software (computer-based) see Stiller Alarm Software.

Bundle – Key facts at a glance:

  • Comprehensive protection through stationary & mobile alarms (including active and passive alarms)
  • Flexible alarm grouping, depending on whether the user is in the office or out of the office
  • Mobile devices also alert stationary devices (computers)
  • Administration of both stationary and mobile alert solution in one web-based interface including logging function of all alarms
  • The number of mobile users can be expanded as required

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Optional extensions

Stiller Alarm Alarmierung über Mobile App zusammen mit Alarm Button, Bluetooth Button, iBeacon, Smartwatch

Alarm-Buttons (via Bluetooth) often give the employee more security and in some cases allow them to call for help more covertly.

iBeacons – If you want to use the app for in-house tracking, so-called iBeacons are necessary. These have a unique identification number so that a distinction is given in whose proximity one is currently. This makes it possible to quickly and reliably determine from where an alarm was sent. However, the establishment of such iBeacons should be done individually. 

Smartwatch – You can easily trigger an alarm with your smartwatch.


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