Stiller Alarm – Stationary Alert Software

IT-based workplace security

The Stiller Alarm software is a computer-based security solution for employees. In the event of a threat, e.g., an angry customer, health emergency or hostage situation an employee can send an immediate and silent electronic call for help to close-by co-workers and office security

How does the stationary alert software Stiller Alarm work?

In case of a critical situation at your place of work (e.g., aggressive customer) employees can covertly call for help by simply clicking a desktop icon, a pre-set combination on your keyboard or an alarm button (e.g., under your desk). 

The alarm is always silent (Stiller Alarm is German for “silent alarm”) – therefore unnoticable in the alarm sender’s office – to avoid excalating a threatening situation (e.g., making an angry customer even more angry). However, the alarm will immediately pop up on the screens of employees in surrounding offices making an alarm sound. The alarm message automatically includes all relevant information such as name and office room number of the alarm sender. Nearby colleagues and building security staff can immedediately come to help and deescalate a threatening situation created by aggressive customers, patients, colleagues, or intruders or provide assistance in case of a health emergency. It is further possible to send specific instructions to co-workers using the alert system (e.g., “leave building”). 

The Stiller Alarm alert software provides an efficient workplace security system that makes employee feel safe at work.

Example situation: Stiller Alarm on computer used in a single office

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What are the benefits of the Stiller Alarm alert software?

Stiller Alarm Vorteile - Alarmierung in Echtzeit: Sofortige Alarm-Übermittelung (Name, Ort, Telefonnummer, Uhrzeit) an Helfer.

Real time alerts

Instant alarm transmission (name, room, time) to alarm recipients.

Stiller Alarm Vorteile - Intuitive Bedienung - Auch in einer Stresssituation.

Intuitive to use

Even in stressful situations.

Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Vorteile - Hohe Sicherheit bei geringer Investition: Signifikant erhöhte Mitarbeitersicherheit ohne hohen Einsatz von Zeit & Kosten.

High level of security, low investment

Significant increase in workplace security at low cost and time investment.

Stiller Alarm - Einfache & übersichtliche Administration: Unkomplizierte Einrichtung und Anpassungen per Drag & Drop im Stiller Alarm Portal.

Easy and comprehensible administration

Straightforward implementation and adjustments by drag & drop.

Stiller Alarm - Fehlerfreie Planung: Mit Alarmsimulation per Knopfdruck.

Error-free planning

Easy alarm simulation within the administrative area.

Stiller Alarm - Situationsabhängige Steuerung: Alarme können entsprechend der konkreten Notfall-Situation gesendet werden.

Situation-adjusted alarms

Alarms can be sent based on the typ of emergency situation at hand.

Which alerts can be sent via the Stiller Alarm software?

Example alerts: Stiller Alarm alert notifications as seen on alert recipients’ computers

  • Threat alert (e.g., escalating customer conversation)
  • Evacuation
  • Fire alarm
  • Health emergency
  • Company-wide alerts

How can the Stiller Alarm be triggered from your desk?

The following options can be used to trigger a silent alarm:

  • Keyboard shortcut
  • Click on desktop icon
  • Click on desktop taskbar
  • Click on USB-Button
  • Click on Wifi-Button
  • Click on mobile Alarm-Button

Which versions of Stiller Alarm are available?

Stiller Alarm - Standard-Version - Für große Umgebungen | Inkl. Benachrichtigungssystem | Inkl. Alarmsimulation

Stiller Alarm Standard

for large environments | message system included | alarm simulation included

Stiller Alarm Light-Version - Für kleine Umgebungen | Ohne Server

Stiller Alarm Light 

for small environments | no server needed

Stiller Alarm - Standard und App Bundlelösung

Stiller Alarm Standard + Mobile App

for safety from desktop work places and outside

60 day free trial!

Try our software with all functionalities available.

What are the benefits of the Stiller Alarm alert software?

Why you should choose Stiller Alarm:

  • Security through real-time alerting: Immediately after the silent alarm is triggered the colleagues in the alarm group are alerted by a message on their screens and can come to the rescue. In addition to all important information such as name, room, and time the alarm can be confirmed. The sense of security of employees in the workplace is significantly increased by the possibility of alerting.
  • Intuitive alerting: The software is designed so that employees can easily alarm even in a stressful situation (e.g., USB-button, easy key combination, click on desktop icon).
  • Situation-based control of alarms: Through the alarm system you can inform employees to take specific escape routes if necessary (flexible group formation and free text input).
  • Unrestricted alerts: Regardless of which product you choose you can send alerts even if your screen is locked or the server is down!
  • Users: The software is designed and tested for the use in smaller companies – Light-Version (10-30 users) and large companies – Standard-Version (from 25 users).
  • Home office and flexible work places: Easy and intuitive working from anywhere with full protection .
  • Installation: Stiller Alarm software is easy to install and launch. You do not require additional hardware.
  • Technologies: Stiller Alarm relies both on trusted as on new, innovative technologies sand provides solutions with or without an alarm server. Databases be can managed decentralized and thus high availability in complex environments is assured at all times.
  • Flexible infrastructure environment: Our stationary solution is not only suitable for PC environments but also optimized for Thin Client on a terminal server for Citrix virtual desktops, VMware, VDI / Zero Clients or mixed environments.
  • Low investment: Our software is not only easy to implement and use – it is also inexpensive.
  • Simple & clear administration: Adjustments (e.g., relocation of employees within office building) can easily be made in the administration area – e.g., individual levels (organization, location, floor, alarm group, room) and devices are configured via drag & drop. Room plans additionally support planning.
  • References: Stiller Alarm software is successfully used in courts, tax offices, district offices, ESCOs, telecommunications providers, manufacturing, universities, medical centers, housing associations and job centers for many years. See references.
  • Low investment: Our software is not only easy to implement and use – it is also inexpensive.
  • Extendable: The number of users and functionalities can be extended. You decide how many devices you want to use and whether you want to connect to the Stiller Alarm Mobile App.
  • Traceable: Within the administrative area all triggered alarms are recorded (device, time, type of alarm).
  • Error-free planning: Especially for large companies with many workplaces Stiller Alarm offers the alarm simulation at the push of a button to test the alarm planning. This way, even in large environments you immediately recognize which workstations are alarmed in the event of an alarm and which are not. This provides you with the best possible support in the planning and secure deployment of the alerting software. (Standard-Version)
  • SMS & e-mail alerting: The alarm can also be received as SMS or e-mail, for example, to inform the security staff without a PC workstation. See also Stiller Alarm app.
  • Requirements for Emergency & Hazard Systems: Stiller Alarm meets the requirements of the DIN standards for emergency and hazard systems: DIN VDE V 0827-1, DIN VDE V 0827-2. Find out more here.

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