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Frequently Asked Questions: Here you will find a list of all the questions that we are often asked by customers. If you have further questions feel free to contact us via our contact form, by phone, or e-mail. We will come back to you as soon as possible!

Stiller Alarm – Stationary Software

Here you will find a selection of questions about stationary alerting software. Structure:

  • General questions
  • Sending an alarm
  • Receiving an alarm
  • Installation

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Stiller Alarm Alarmierungssoftware Standard Version Computer

General questions

1. For which customers is the use of the Stiller Alarm Light-Version suitable?

The Light-Version was specially developed for smaller facilities that want to equip a maximum of 30 workstations with the Stiller Alarm software. To use the Light-Version no alarm and database server is required.

2. For which customers is the use of the Stiller Alarm Standard-Version suitable?

The Standard-Version offers all essential features of the Stiller Alarm software for an unlimited number of users. For example, you can trigger and receive multiple alerts simultaneously – even if your screen is locked.

3. Do you need additional hardware for the installation or operation of the Stiller Alarm Software?

No! The use of the Stiller Alarm Software requires no additional hardware. However, you have the option of using additional hardware (such as USB buttons or radio transmitters) for triggering the alarm. This does not interfere with your IT infrastructure!

4. How is the Stiller Alarm Software managed?

The setup and daily management of the Stiller Alarm software is done via a web-based central administration interface. This gives you quick access to your administrative interface from anywhere. You save yourself an additional installation and care of unnecessary software products. The management interface captures your infrastructure, alarms, users, and alerts, events, and reports.

5. Can a computer be assigned to several alarm groups at the same time?

No! Such scenarios are resolved through user permissions.

6. Is it possible to send alarms from a computer if the user is not logged in?

To send or receive alarms the user must have logged on to the computer at least once. For example, an active lock screen mask would be sufficient for alarm reception and alarm triggering.

7. Is it possible to test the Stiller Alarm software before purchasing?

Yes! We recommend you to test the Stiller Alarm software before you buy! You can test both the Stiller Alarm Light- and Standard-Version 60 days for free. For technical and technical questions you will always receive support from our support team.

Sending an alarm

1. How can an alarm be triggered?

Without additional hardware you can trigger an alarm via the desktop icon, a selected key combination or a tray icon. Furthermore, you can trigger an alarm using a USB button or a radio transmitter. This is driver-free plug & play hardware that does not interfere with your IT infrastructure.

2. Is it possible to trigger alarms from the lock screen?

Yes! You can also trigger all alarms from the lock screen.

3. Can F-keys or other single keyboard keys be used to trigger the alarm?

No! Unless a programmable keyboard is used. Normally, the combinations of three buttons are provided to avoid overlapping with other programs and to counteract frequent false alarms.

4. How can you be sure that an alarm has been triggered?

Stiller Alarm offers the alarm trigger the possibility to see the confirmation of the positive alarm triggering as well as the alarm acknowledgment by other users via a small, inconspicuous pop-up window.

Receiving an alarm

1. Can alarms be received in the lock screen?

Yes! The alarms can also be received in the lock screen. In addition, they can be confirmed from the lock screen.

2. Are the users only informed by a pop-up during an incoming alarm?

No! It is possible to switch on an alarm tone even if the loudspeakers on the PC are deactivated. The prerequisite for this is a machine that can reproduce sounds. Furthermore, individual tones can be selected for all forms of alerting.

3. Which information is received as a alarm recipient?

The alarm recipient can see at a glance the name, alarm message, telephone number, room and floor of the alarm trigger. If you enter the building plans into your Stiller Alarm software, the alarm receivers can see the room plan stored for the alarm group and thus come to the aid even faster.


1. Installing the Stiller Alarm Software places special demands on the IT infrastructure?

No! The installation makes no special demands on your infrastructure. On the contrary – both the installation and the configuration can be carried out independently with the help of our administrator documentation in a few simple steps.

2. For which application environment the Stiller Alarm Software is suitable?

Because the Stiller Alarm Software is based on Microsoft .NET CORE it is suitable for any application environment.

3. Is the Stiller Alarm Software terminal server compatible?

The Stiller Alarm software is optimized for every Microsoft and CITRIX terminal server environment.

4. Supports the Stiller Alarm software Citrix XenDesktop?


5. Does Stille Alarm support VMware View Client?


6. Which client versions are supported by the Stiller Alarm Software?

The Stiller Alarm Software supports all client versions from the client version Windows 7 as well as Citrix Terminal Server incl. VDI- / Zero Clients.

7. Which database is needed to install the Stiller Alarm Software?

For the use of the Stiller Alarm Software databases from MSSQL Server 2008R2 including SQLEXPRESS versions are suitable.

8. Is it possible to be assisted in the process of installing of the Stiller Alarm Software?

Yes! We are happy to assist you with the installation of the Stiller Alarm Software either on site or remotely.


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