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Stiller Alarm – Mobil Version

Here you will find a selection of questions about the mobile alerting app.

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Stiller Alarm - Mitarbeitersicherheit Mobile App

General questions

1. What is the difference between the active alarm and the passive alarm of the Stiller Alarm App?

The active alarm should be triggered in case of an active threat with a simple click on the screen. In contrast, the passive alarm offers the possibility to define the alarm both in time as well as to define contents for the sent message.

2. Is it possible to trigger the alarms with additional hardware?

Yes! To make the alarm even more inconspicuous and easier for the user the active alarm can be triggered with the help of a small Bluetooth button. The Bluetooth button is paired with your mobile device. Afterwards, the active alarm can be triggered via the inconspicuous button within a range of 10 meters (distance button to smartphone). The battery of the button should be replaced once a year for safety.

3. How does the alarm trigger via the Stiller Alarm app if you do not have an internet connection?

Even if the Internet connection is suddenly interrupted you will continue to be secure. The Stiller Alarm App automatically detects that the Internet connection has been disconnected and instead of an alert message sends an SMS to predefined telephone numbers.

4. Can my location still be tracked after the alarm is triggered?

No! We guarantee the users of the Stiller Alarm App that they can not be tracked after the alarm is triggered, thus, protecting their privacy at work as well as in their free time!

5. The Stiller Alarm App can also be used inside a building?

Yes! The Stiller Alarm App can also be used inside a building. For example, alarms can be sent from rooms without a computer. To enable accurate in-house locating of mobile devices we recommend the use of iBeacons. With its support the Stiller Alarm App sends the exact and current coordinates of your location, regardless of whether you are in a room or a corridor.

6. Where does the configuration and administration of the Stiller Alarm App take place?

Both the configuration and the daily administration of the Stiller Alarm App are carried out via the central, web-based administration interface. This saves you from having to install additional software. The administrative interface provides a common overview of the app as well as the stationary solution of the silent alarm.

7. What information does the alarm receiver receive in the event of an incoming alarm?

The alarm recipient receives information about the name, telephone number, location of the alarm (including view via GoogleMaps) and the time when the alarm trigger is alerted. Furthermore, the alarm recipient has the option of confirming the alarm and additionally leaving a short message for all other recipients of the alarm group.

8. How can we make sure that the alarm recipient does not miss the incoming alarms?

The alarm recipients are visually and acoustically informed of new alarms both in an active screen or locked screen. Furthermore, it is possible to connect the Stiller Alarm App with the stationary solution which means that selected users always have an up-to-date overview of the incoming mobile alarms.

9. How can we make sure that employees do not receive mobile alerts during their free time?

The Stiller Alarm app has a weekly schedule function in which users createe/ manage work schedules (days of the week, work hours). Thus, the Stiller Alarm App alerts only employees that are currently at work and not those off work, sick or on vacation.

10. What happens if the mobile device is turned off after the mobile alarm is triggered?

Regardless of whether the user’s mobile phone has been switched off or even destroyed, the Silent Alarm App is still able to send an alarm with the corresponding GPS coordinates.

11. Which system requirements must be met in order to use the Stiller Alarm App?

The Stiller Alarm App can be used from Android Version 5.0 or iOS Version 9.3.5.

12. How safe is the transfer of data with the Stiller Alarm App?

With SSL encryption, we guarantee secure transmission of all data within the Stiller Alarm App. You do not have to worry about the personal data of your employees, because even when transferring notifications they will not be passed on to third parties.

13. How can employees install the app on their mobile devices?

To download and install the App on your smartphone search for “Stiller Alarm” in the App Marketplace – Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices – or simply click on the app buttons below.



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