Stiller Alarm Duress Alarm System

Stiller Alarm is an IT-based duress alarm system that protects employees in threatening or worrying situations. Discreetly request immediate assistance from your nearby colleagues when feeling threatened or vulnerable with a client, visitor or collegue in or out of the office (e.g., meeting or field sales). With just one click – on your computer, smartphone app or panic button – you recieve the help you need and deescalize the situation before assaults can happen.

Stiller Alarm Stationary Select

The Stiller Alarm stationary alert software provides workplace security from your desk. It enables you to reach your colleagues in real time and unnoticed from your PC desktop or virtual desktop. Alarms can be adapted to the situation through the Alert Manager.

Stiller Alarm mobile select

The Stiller Alarm mobile app provides the same security as the stationar solution independent of a PC/client desk. Using your smartphone you can send alerts and get help quickly while on your way through the building, in meetingrooms and in field sales jobs or patient visits. There are two types of alarms available: the active and the passive alarm.

Stiller Alarm benefits

Stiller Alarm Real time alerts – receive immediate help

Real time alerts – receive immediate help

Stiller Alarm Intuitive in application & installation

Intuitive in application & installation

Stiller Alarm - High security with low investment

High security with low investment


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